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At Redmond-Kirkland & Redmond-Fall City Animal Hospitals we believe that every pet should be able to have the very best veterinary care available.  With the help of our amazing clients we manage a non-profit Angel Fund to help local pets in need receive vet care.

Unlike most charitable organizations, our Angel Fund's operating expenses ($360/year) are covered by a generous donor--this means that 100% of every charitable dollar contributed to our Angel Fund is used to directly fund the the care of animals in our community.

If you are interested in donating to our Veterinary Care Foundation Angel Fund to help animals on the Eastside please click the below donate now link.  Every little bit helps.  Thank you!

Our Angel Fund's criteria for use of donated funds are generally restricted to the following:

-Funding for Good Samaritan Cases

-Assist pet owners in financial crisis

-Care for service animals

-Funding for pets harmed or displaced due to local disaster (such as weather, fire, etc.)

Animals helped by our Angel Fund


"Leo" is a 1 year old Golden Retriever mix.  He broke multiple teeth after colliding with another dog while playing catch.

"Leo's" parents are a young couple with a new baby.  With the assistance of the Angel Fund, Dr Erin Maillet at Redmond-Fall City Animal Hospital was able to provide the needed oral surgical repair. "Leo" is all smiles now!

DONATE NOW to the Angel Fund to help other animals like "Leo."


Tragedy struck "Lucy" when her family's house burned down. In the ensuing mayhem and noise she ran away. When "Lucy" was picked by Chihuahua Rescue in Fall City, she refused to walk past the road where her home was. Her owner agreed to have Chihuahua Rescue temporarily care for her.  Redmond-Fall City Animal Hospital discovered that she had Cherry Eye and that needed surgical repair. Lucy's owner could not pay for the surgery since he and his other dog were homeless and without any insurance. With the help of the Angel Fund, Lucy was able to have her surgery and it was a complete success! She is now a healthy, happy young dog with many years of love with her family ahead of her.

DONATE NOW to the Angel Fund to help other animals like "Lucy."


"Leo" had a mast cell tumor that required surgery.  "Leo's" family had already had three surgeries on their pets that year, loss of a family member, and a car accident. With the help of the Angel Fund, "Leo" was able to receive the necessary surgery and with the help of his family, is on his way to recovery.

DONATE NOW to help other animals like "Leo."


Andrew Brim and his dog Bob had recently celebrated their first year together. While this may be an important milestone for any owner-pet relationship, their anniversary was particularly special, considering what the pair have gone through in the last year.
One of the most significant events they have gone through was a trip to the veterinarian that led to Bob undergoing surgery to have one of his kidneys removed. It all began in July when the two went for a walk and Brim discovered blood in Bob’s urine. It was “out of nowhere,” he said. Brim, who now lives in Bellevue but has previously lived in Redmond, took Bob to the Redmond-Kirkland Animal Hospital, where he was treated by veterinarian Dr. Andrea Hoover. After her examination, Dr Hoover said they discovered the cause of the blood was a giant kidney worm. She said this is not treatable with medicine, so Bob — who was otherwise healthy — required surgery to remove the worm. “It definitely came as a shock to Andrew as to what was going on with (Bob),” Hoover said, adding that giant kidney worms are extremely rare in this part of the country. They are typically found in warmer climates. Upon hearing Bob’s diagnosis, Brim, said he couldn’t speak. He didn’t know what to do. His 2-year-old dog was dying, and working at Housing Hope — an organization in Snohomish County that focuses on providing affordable and transitional housing to low-income populations — Brim wasn’t in a financial
position to pay for Bob’s procedure. With the help of of the Angel Fund Bob was able to receive a life saving surgery.

DONATE NOW to help other animals like "Bob."

For Brim, losing Bob — who has since made a full recovery — would have meant more than just losing his pet. It would have meant losing his lifeline as he was going through many struggles before he adopted Bob. Brim is a veteran who served in the Marines for six years from 1998 to 2004. To read the full article CLICK HERE.

"Huckelberry" (Huck)

"Huck" was rescued from an elderly man who could no longer take care of him.  The Radloffs took him in, gave him a loving home, and worked on his numerous skin issues until most of his fur came back and his eyes were not as irritated.  Just as the family thought he was on the mend, they came downstairs one morning to find him unable to stand, unable to walk, and his head tilted to the left.  Fearing the "Huck" was gravely ill, they rushed him to Redmond-Fall City Animal Hospital.  After an exam it was determined that "Huck" probably had vestibular disease that would hopefully resolve with anti-nausea medication and supportive care.  The Radloff family was so relieved!  However, the human members of the Raloff family had come upon medical expenses of their own and were unable to afford the medication to make "Huck" feel better.  With the help of the Angel Fund, "Huck" was able to receive the medication and with the help of his family, is on his way to recovery.

DONATE NOW to help other animals like "Huck."

Special thanks to our donors!

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